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It removes animal, vegetable fats and food oils. It is safe for stainless steel, galvanised, enamel, aluminium surfaces as well as ceramic tiles and synthetic materials. HG grease away is a safe product for removing edible oils, but also animal and vegetable grease from stainless steel, galvanised, enamelled and aluminium surfaces. The product is also suitable for ceramic tiles and plastic. Ideal, safe and simple to make the kitchen grease-free after cooking. HG grease away is also available in an economical refill that can be used to refill the bottle 5 times.

Spray the surface with HG grease away and leave it to work for a few seconds. During use on stainless steel, it is important to spray the product onto a clean cloth first and then clean the stainless steel. Then wipe off the grease with a cloth, preferably soaked in hot water.


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